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Can I pay for my shoe repairs when I pick them up?

We require all repairs to be fully pre-paid at drop off. When our customers have their repairs pre-paid, they generally will pick up their footwear on time. This will save us storage space and it will save us time, since we like repairing footwear much better then making "please pick up yer shoes" phone calls.

Do I need a prescription from a health professional to have Quick Cobbler do orthopedic footwear modifications for me?

Yes, if you are a first time Quick Cobbler/ Northopedic client with orthopedic needs, you need to bring a prescription from a health professional. For a copy of the prescription please go to our Northopedic site. Once you are in our system, this is no longer needed, unless your needs have changed. We like to get your orthopedic footwear modification right the first time, since your health is too important to "by guess and by golly".

If I describe my shoes over the phone, can you tell me what's wrong with them when they will be ready and how much it will cost to repair them?

To give you a correct assessment of your footwear repair needs and an accurate time and cost quote we will need to see your footwear 'live' in the shop. We are working on our telepathic assessment and repair skills, so far without much success.

Can you repair my shoes 'while-u-wait'?

Many small repairs can be done while you wait in the store. Even larger repairs, when they are qualified 'emergencies', can be done while you wait. However, most repairs will take 2 to sometimes up to 10 business days to complete, depending on our workload and depending on the number of shoe repair elves on staff. And yes, we are still called the "Quick" Cobbler...

I have been trying to call you guys. Why does nobody answer your phone?

We are unable to answer the telephone during business hours when we are serving customers in the store. Sorry, but actual ‘live’ customers take priority over telephone calls. The message on our answering machine usually answers most questions (we designed it that way). If you still have a question, please leave us a detailed message. Ps. Just leaving your name and telephone number is not a ‘detailed’ message. For all we know you may be another telemarketer.

Do you have any advice when buying shoes?

Do your repairs have a lifetime warranty?

If we find our original work or the material we used failed prematurely, we will re-repair at no charge any repair previously done by Quick Cobbler. The warranty period is one year. Some things are NOT covered under our warranty:
  • regular (and irregular) wear is not covered under our warranty
  • repairs not performed by Quick Cobbler are not covered under our warranty
  • Quick Cobbler repairs that have been re-repaired by other shoe repairers or by 'someone with skills' are not covered under our warranty

Do you have any tips on how to take care of my shoes at home?

You’ve come to the right place. Read and learn more here.

Can I donate my old shoes?

I know that you guys only repair shoes. Do you know where I can have handbags and luggage repaired or where I can buy leather for my hobby project?

I can’t leave my shoes for more than a day or two. Can I reserve a spot so when I drop off my shoes, they will be ready in a couple of days?

No problem! If you cannot leave your footwear with us for more than a few days we have the option for you to “pre-book” your pick-up date. To pre-book, please follow these steps:
  1. choose the date and time you need to pick up your footwear (current ready date or after)
  2. pre-pay the repair charges and receive a Pre-Book ticket
  3. drop shoes off 2-3 days before your scheduled pickup date
  4. collect your shoes on or after the scheduled pickup date

(Of course we prefer to see your footwear 'live' in the shop so we can do an accurate assessment of repairs needed. If that is not an option, you can still do a pre-book with an estimated cost for the repairs needed. As soon as we see your footwear in the shop we’ll be able to give you an exact price.)

I'm running a few minutes late, can you stay open past closing time so I can pick up my shoes, drop off boots or buy polish, protector spray or laces for my hiking boots?

Our business hours are clearly posted on our front doors, on this website, on Facebook, Google and Yelp. Even our answering machine knows when we open and close. If you can't make it in during our business hours please email us or leave us a voice mail and we'll help you out. We really close at closing time because we'll get in trouble if we're late for dinner.

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