Climbing Shoes


Repair those Climbing Shoes so you stay on the edge, and off your face.

The cost to re-sole Climbing Shoes is about half the price of a new pair. Without the break-in time!

We offer a choice of three varieties of proven rock climbing rubber:climbing shoe repair

  • 3.5mm Vibram XSgrip2 (thin, soft, extra sticky)
  • 5mm Vibram XS grip 2 (soft, extra sticky)
  • 4.2mm Stealth (the gold standard)
  • 5.5mm Stealth (extra thick)
  • 4mm Vibram XS Edge (hard, best for edging)

All worn Climbing Shoes need the toe-rand area replaced when resoling. This area of the shoe has weakened and is sometimes worn-through when it is time for a resoling. This is a critical spot that needs to be repaired to ensure the adhesion of the new rubber soles.

Come see us for some sticky new rubber!

Check out our climbing shoes repair video below. Click on the image to view.

climbing shoe video 350


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