We love the classics: good quality footwear with leather soles, Goodyear welted or McKay stitched.

Our recrafting service offers replacement of the leather soles using Joh. Rendenbach (JR) leather only.

Established in 1871, the J.R. leather tanning process takes 9 to 12 months to complete, making it the most superior sole leather available today. J.R. leather is tanned using the "oak bark" method. The final product is lightweight, hardwearing, tough, flexible, solid, beautiful and comfortable.

When we recraft your footwear we remove the old soles and heels and remove all old sole stitching from the welts. After replacing the cork layer between the insole and outsole, the new fullsoles are cemented and stitched onto the shoes. Rebuild options for the heels include: dress or casual style ‘whole heels’; thin leather heelbases with dress ‘half heels’; full thickness leather heel bases with dress rubber heel lifts and full leather heel bases with JR combo (half leather, half rubber) heel lifts. If you prefer we can install Topy Protection Soles as well, at no extra charge. Also included is a clean and polish using Saphir products, new shoe laces installed and free shipping back to you, Canada-wide.

The total cost for our re-crafting service is $199 CDN/pair +GST. Our average turnaround time is about 2 weeks.

Come and see us with your classics and we’ll explore your re-crafting options.

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