Resoling Blundstones in Vancouver for over 20 years, we know how to do it right, the first time.

The Quick Cobbler is the only shoe repair shop in Vancouver resoling Blundstone Boots successfully.

We carefully remove the old, worn out sole; cleaning, sanding, and pre-treating the boots, before using a special “last” (shoe form) to ensure your boots still fit like before. We use a special adhesive and a custom-built press to cement your new soles onto the boots.

We carry a range of different Vibram soles, specially made for Blundstone boots, depending on the use, wear, and condition of your boots.

Vibram “Stowe” soles are light-weight, flexible, and feel as shock absorbent as your original Blundstone Sole. Other options vary in weight, flexibility, durability, tread/ traction, and structural design. The Vibram “Bifida”, “Kamen”, “Clusaz” and “Werewolf” Soles are all options for Blundstone Repairs. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of how the repair will look. The bottom of the “Bifida”,”Clusaz”, and the “Kamen” soles are quite aggressive and are made of a much stronger and more durable rubber than the original Blunstone Soles. To get a good idea of which sole is most appropriate, send us an email with pictures of your boots, or come by the store so we can show you the options in person.

Of course we can take care of any other repairs your Blunnies may need such as: sewing, patching, new pull tabs or new elastic gussets!

Stop by and show us your boots!

Check out our Blundstone repair videos below. Click on the image to view.

blundstone video 350

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