When Buying Shoes


Things to consider when buying shoes...

Do they fit?
When trying shoes on in the store, don't be afraid to keep them on your feet and walk around for five to ten minutes to see how they really feel. Does the heel slip when you're walking? Do your toes have enough space in the toe box? If you wear orthotics, do they fit in the shoe? Can you get the zipper done up easily? These are all things to consider before making the purchase. Minor modifications can be done by us to make a shoe more comfortable, but starting off with a shoe that is for the most part a good fit helps us to make it the perfect fit. If in doubt, check that the shoes are returnable before purchasing them. Then bring them in and we'll let you know what can and can't be done.

If you are thinking about buying shoes online...
No matter what major online shoe retailers want you to believe, the only way to make sure a shoe or boot fits is to actually try them on. Duhh!

Shoe brands frequently change their sizing, styles, fit and designs.  Even if you buy a shoe online identical to a great fitting pair you already own, there is absolutely no guarantee this new pair will fit the same!

What will you be using them for?
It's worth considering whether the shoes you're buying were designed to be used in the way you intend to wear them.

Leather or plastic?
Plastic, vinyl, pleather and other synthetic 'leathers' do not breath, are non-biodegradable, are weak under strain, and generally make for an un-repairable shoe.
If you have the choice, we recommend going with leather. Period.
Sorry Vegans.

Are you shopping at a reputable shoe store?
Even a good shoe from a trusted brand can have flaws. Whether it is due to being manufactured on Monday morning, or due to the design, the materials or craftsmanship. When a shoe doesn't hold up it's nice to know your retailer will help you out.

Less is more.
In keeping with our mission to keep your shoes from being disposable, we suggest that you shop by this simple rule: quality over quantity. A quality shoe with quality maintenance should last for many, many years.

You get what you pay for.
Buy the best quality you can afford. High quality generally makes for a more repairable shoe. The shoe lasts longer, looks better and is therefore a better long term investment. This makes you look very smart!

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