“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” - Jonas Salk

Since 1995, The Quick Cobbler has won 10 Shoe Service Institute of America Craftsmanship awards, in categories ranging from Casual and Dress Shoe Repair, to Orthopedic Footwear Modifications. The Quick Cobbler has achieved the Canadian Blue Ribbon for Top Canadian and a Certificate of Achievement for Highest Standard of Excellence.

In 2013 The Quick Cobbler Staff won GOLD and BRONZE in the Bi-Annual International SSIA Silver Cup Shoe Repair Competition. In 2015 Ronald Nijdam won another GOLD and in 2017 Ronald won a third GOLD and his son Patrick Nijdam a BRONZE. This was followed in 2019 by Patrick winning a SILVER and Ronald winning the Robert DiRinaldo Grand Silver Cup (The top North American prize: better than GOLD!).

We also have won a total of 16 Shoe Service Institute of America, Business, Marketing and Merchandising awards, three of which were Retailer of The Year.

Awards are nice and shiny, but take a look at these Testimonials, and see for yourself, how we really put ourselves into your shoes:

March 2019

I couldn’t be happier with my repair, re-sole on my 8-year-old Blundstones with new EVA welt and Stowe sole. Longish story short, the boots came back a week ago and are, at least in my opinion, better than new and good for at least another 8 years.

Michael (Ontario)


January 2019

Fantastic job. I will not hesitate to tell people about Quick Cobbler and the work these craftspeople do. My compliments to everyone and thanks again. PS. The polishing job is first class too.

Cec (Ontario)


November 2018

Dearest Quick Cobbler,
You ROCK!!
My beloved Blunnies are like new. They feel so good on my feet.
Thank you
Thank you

Veronica (Minnesota)


May 2018

I Live in the GTA area if Ontario. But had read great things about QC. Decided to send them a pair of complete beaters. Didn’t think they could be saved.
Ron and his team did just that. The JR leather sole was applied and stitched properly, as were the heels. There was some patch work to be done as well.
I will definitely use them again. And for other users – JR soles are the best in the industry. The price charged by QC is actually lower than most other reputable cobblers.

Kenneth (Ontario)


March 2015

I just had my climbing shoes resold last week and picked them up Friday in time for the weekend in Squamish. I just wanted to send a thank for the great customer service, getting them done in time for the weekend (when i know you were pretty busy and first told me you couldn’t have them finished until early this week), and for doing such a great job resoling them. I enjoyed two great days of climbing this weekend and the shoes felt great I even bust out into some run-out slabby terrain with confidence!). Thanks again and I will for sure take my next resole job to you guys and recommend you to other climbers looking for the job to be done well.

Lorraine (Squamish)

October 2014

Ron….RON!!! These are absolutely, unquestionably, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You have more than surpassed my wildest expectations. I cannot thank you enough. I received them this morning and the craftsmanship left me speechless! I seriously don’t have the words to properly thank you. These are going to change my life. I taught this weekend for about 12 hours, and my feet are KILLING me this morning. I immediately put the shoes on and the relief I already feel is immeasurable. Again, thank you. I’ll be in touch again. With the magic you’ve spun, I would love to send a couple more pairs to you.
With deepest gratitude,

Matt (from Chicago)

September 2014


Very sad story. Very great ending! This summer our son got married and he wore his Grandpa’s wedding shoes. 59 years old and in perfect condition. Saved for such a precious occasion. JOY! Until the new puppy chewed the toe of one amazing shoe. AGONY! Crying i ran to a local repair place only to be told there was NO hope at all. Late into the night I found The Quick Cobbler online. Couldn’t sleep with all the crying (that i was doing :) ) I sent photos and an email to Ron and he quickly answered that they most likely could help me. A full hour drive into Vancouver and a happy smile from Ron changed the world again. A few days later the shoes were delivered to our door. JOY! They are perfect! Perfect! If Ron can do this so very well, I would recommend this store above all and will drive as far as need be with our things. Ron, if there were more than 5 stars, I would post the extra’s for you.





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