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If you really love your new shoes, you’d use Protection, TOPY Elisee Protection!

topy protection

To protect your nice, new, leather-soled footwear from excessive wear and damage and to make them non-slip, get us to install Topy Elysee Protection Soles. Imported from France, Topy Elysee is the top brand for Protection Soles. These very thin, durable, high quality rubber soles can be applied to both Mens and Ladies, Shoes and Boots alike.

Topy Soles come in a number of different colours. It is our practice to match the colour of the Topy Protection Sole with the original colour of your footwear’s sole-edge. By thinning out the edges of the Topy Soles, they become virtually invisible when we apply them to your footwear (yes, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo’s, and Louboutin’s as well!).

Louboutin’s you say? We are excited to say that we have the RED Topy Elysee protection soles in stock. Specifically designed for the famous RED soled shoes, made by designer, Christian Louboutin. Those RED soled shoes will stay that way, with added comfort and durability.

Come see us with your new shoes and boots!

Remember, if you really love your new shoes, you’d use Protection!

Check out our Topy Protection video below. Click on the image to view.

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