Tap Shoes


Bring those Tap Shoes in to make them Tap-able again!

We perform a range of modification work, repair work, and service work on Tap Shoes.

Some of your Custom Modification Options are:

  • Full Build Up. Double or Triple Sole, with or without a wedge-shaped Toe Build Up. This firms up your shoes, giving you a more solid sound.
  • Installing New Taps. New Taps always sound better.
  • Skid Pad Installation. Leather or Rubber (of many varieties), Skid Pads will increase your comfort and personalize your contact with the dance floor.
  • Replacing/ Upgrading Sound Boards. Replace with new Metal Boards for a crisper sound.
  • Replacing/ Upgrading standard Shanks with Metal or Carbon Fiber which adds support, creating an all around stiffer shoe.

Give us your specific instructions and we’ll customize those stompers for you!

Check out our tap shoe repair video below. Click on the image to view.

tap shoe repair video 350

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