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We have been resoling Blundstones for more than 15 years.  Quick Cobbler is the only shoe repair shop in Vancouver resoling Blundstone boots successfully.

First we carefully remove the old, worn out soles. Then we clean, sand and pre-treat the boots.  Using a ‘last’ (shoe form) to insure your Blunnies still fit like before, we use a special adhesive and a custom made press to cement your new soles onto the boots.

Usually we will replace the original Blundstone sole with the Vibram ‘Stowe’ sole.  This sole has about the same weight, flexibility, cushion and wear as the original Blundstone sole.

Other resole options are: the Vibram ‘Bifida’ and the Vibram 'Kamen' soles. Please see pictures below. The bottom tread of the ‘Bifida’ and 'Kamen' is quite aggressive and the rubber is very tough.

A cleaning, conditioning and shine is included, but if you’d rather have your boots look ‘weathered’, that’s cool with us.

Stop by and show us your boots!

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Before Repair

blundstone resole before 2

blundstone before1

After Repair (Vibram Bifida)

blundstoneBIFIDA 5blundstoneBIFIDA 1 Resoled with Bifida sole

After Repair (Vibram Kamen)

blundstoneKAMEN 3 blundstoneKAMEN 2 blundstoneKAMEN 1  

After Repair (Vibram Stowe)

blundstoneSTOWE 3blundstoneSTOWE 2   blundstone resole after 3

Blundstone Video

   Click image to view video



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