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It’s all in the Generations.

The Quick Cobbler Ltd. has been a fixture in Vancouver since 1984.

After being located on Denman Street for almost 20 years, we moved in February 2006 to our current location on West 2nd Avenue.

We keep busy doing repairs for local Vancouver customers and also do a lot of Mail Order Shoe Repairs with customers from New Brunswick to Alaska to Hollywood. Quick Cobbler is an authorized repair centre for many leading manufacturers of sport, dress, professional and casual footwear. The Quick Cobbler team is also on-call to the theatre production, television and movie industry for repairs and some really interesting footwear modifications.

Our leader, Ronald Nijdam is a third-generation Dutch cobbler, having learned his craft from his father who learned it from his father. The FOURTH generation, Patrick and Thomas Nijdam, Ronald’s two sons, are also part of the Quick Cobbler Team, both working at the shop since they were teenagers. With a wealth of experience, The Nijdam’s have establish The Quick Cobbler as THE place to get any, and all, shoes repaired expertly. Starting with a shop the size of a walk-in fridge, Ronald has grown The Quick Cobbler, now encased in a large store front, employing up to 12 employees.

Striving to grow, while offering the same high quality repair experience, Ronald has now created two additional divisions of The Quick Cobbler; Northopedic (orthopedic shoe modifications and repairs) and SHUZ Canada (custom, handmade shoes, designed and crafted in-store).

The Quick Cobbler, is a passionate, hard working, and shoe loving family.

Quick Cobbler Ltd. is a member of the Pedorthic Footcare Association, and a charter member of the Shoe Service Institute of America.

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Ronald is the owner of The Quick Cobbler Ltd., Northopedic, and SHUZ Canada. He is a 3rd generation shoe cobbler, born in the Netherlands where he started working in the shoe business in the 1970's. A few years ago, recognizing the talents of his Quick Cobbler staff, Ronald started teaching 'shoeschool' on Saturday mornings, where interested staff members work on designing and making their own footwear designs. 

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Ron's eldest son Patrick, is a Fourth Generation Cobbler and Shoe Maker planning on continuing Ronald's legacy. Finishing his final year of his BBA, he plans on expanding his knowledge and experience past the already accumulated 10 years at The Quick Cobbler. Patrick is an all around skilled and creative problem solver who very much enjoys the challenges presented by The Quick Cobbler's customers. 

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Ronalds youngest son Thomas, is a Fourth Generation Cobbler who prides himself in his artistic and creative abilities. Studying Film and Photography, his life is surounded by artistic outlets that transfer well into Shoe Repair. He loves design challenges and detailed work, while still being able to produce high quality repairs. Thomas has worked for his father for over 5 years now.

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Serena has a background in textile design, and Art History. She was taught how to hand make footwear first by Ronald Nijdam (Owner at the Quick Cobbler Ltd.), and has been employed at the company for several years. Recently she started making children's shoes with a company in the United States, and is looking to expand into adult footwear. Serena likes to design beautiful, functional footwear. 

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Brenda has been in the shoe repair business since 2010 and quickly learned the art of hand-crafting footwear. She has extensive experience in textile related work ranging from fabric to felt. She focuses on modern designs with a vintage style.

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